Like most of us, I’ve spent a lot of time in the last months trying to grasp some of the long term implications of the pandemic. This includes trying to understand issues from both a micro and macro-level. That is, how it impacts companies, their performance and creative capabilities. At a city/country level people are trying to understand the emptying of the downtown core, moves to the suburbs and smaller towns, public transit, overall economy for our children etc..
What is absolutely clear is that the historical ties that bind us together have become more frayed. Thankfully we have Zoom, Teams etc. but the casual bumping into each other, the connective tissue of working together are no longer there, and we have to be more creative than ever about ensuring trust and cultural connections are sustained. So here are two thoughts on helping people stay connected.
One is taken from Patrick Lencioni, who talks about The Ideal Team Player in his new book of the same title. In it he describes three characteristics that you look for in the ideal team member: These include Humility; Hunger (including never doing just the minimum) and Emotional Intelligence.
He states that ideally you have people with all three capabilities and if not, as a team, you need to help the other team members rise up to manifest these skills to the best of their ability.
Lencioni suggests each member of your team writes down the weakest skill of the three which they feel that they have, and then have the team discuss that skill, how it manifests itself, and how it can be improved. Now that’s showing trust and vulnerability in the truest sense.
Another suggestion is to fill in the following blueprint on how you work best, what are your idiosyncrasies and what you expert of others. It will act as an excellent starting point for conversations of trust in each other. Here’s the link.
Some Work From Home Resources to dig into