Once the interview has passed through the initial screening process, both parties become aware of a connection. They like each other, feel that there might be a match, and the interview moves from an interrogation of the candidate to one of selling the Company and its benefits.

It’s at that point that a really strong candidate will start interviewing the client, and the client needs to ensure that its value proposition and personality are put on display.

Following are some questions that smart and dynamic candidates might ask during an interview. 

What results will I be measured on, and how will that be done?
Successful people are results oriented. Which ones do you highlight and why? 

What attitudes or personal qualities do you think an employee needs to fit in here?
Strong candidates normally have a number of options to choose from and they want to feel that their values, and personality style, fit the company’s culture. Tell your story and be upfront about the strengths and areas for improvement. Honesty and sincerity are admirable qualities when someone is making a life decision.

How long have you worked here? Why do you stay?
This is a bold question but it shows a desire to connect on more than a superficial level. For the A candidates, it’s key to acquire as much information as possible and who better than the interviewer.

What would you like to see change about your job or your company?
Once again, the stellar candidates are comfortable enough in their own skin, and what they bring, to ask the hard questions to ensure they make the right decision for themselves.

What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 to 90 days?
Great candidates want to hit the ground running. They don’t want to spend weeks or months getting to know the organization. They want to make a difference..right away. 

What are the common attributes of your top performers?
Great candidates also want to be great long-term employees. Every organization is different, and so are the key qualities of top performers in those organizations.

Maybe your top performers work longer hours. Maybe creativity is more important than methodology. Maybe constantly landing new customers in new markets is more important than building long-term customer relationships. Maybe it’s a willingness to spend the same amount of time educating an entry-level customer as helping an enthusiast who wants high-end equipment.

Great candidates want to know because they want to know if they fit. And if they do fit, they want to be a top performer. 

What are a few things that really drive results for your company?
Great employees want to know what drives your company’s success. Is it sales, service, licensing fees or professional services. Know these metrics so you can answer the question and also attract the right individual. 

How do you plan to deal with…?
Every business faces major challenges such as technological changes, funding issues, competitors entering the market, shifting economic trends etc. 

Proactive and dynamic individuals want to know how you plan to deal with the new competitor or how you’re going to adapt to the changing economic landscape. 

 Truly excellent people are in short supply. Treat them the same way you’d like to be treated and open up to them as to what makes your company unique.