Most of us struggle at review time.

It’s often an uncomfortable conversation as you have your list of items which you feel you accomplished since the last review. That’s then compared against your bosses list and the cards then fall where they may.

By using the enclosed template which breaks your responsibilities into very specific areas of accomplishment, you’re taking a much broader look at your impact on your team, and your company. We’ve broken down these accomplishments into the following areas:

  • A general overview of how you’ve gone above and beyond what would be normal for your role
  • Educational programs that you may have taken to improve yourself
  • Areas of costs savings
  • Revenue that you may have generated
  • Ways that you may have improved productivity
  • Your ability to identify problems
  • How you set objectives and accomplished them
  • Creativity that you’ve brought to your role
  • Job redefinition and how your role has expanded/grown

Most importantly, the template gets you to describe the specific benefits these accomplishments have brought to your organization. With these benefits in hand, you’re due to have a much more fruitful interaction, and hopefully a more profitable outcome.

Best of luck in your next review!

Here’s the template