Every time you interview a new candidate it’s like standing in front of a pitcher and having an opportunity to shine… or strike out.

The candidate is prepared to do whatever they can to befuddle you, to show you what they’re hoping you want to see, and to try and hide their weaknesses. The interviewing process represents a series of swings at the pitches being thrown. That’s why the more interviewing that you do, and the better your preparation the greater your chances of reading the ‘pitcher’ and getting some meat on the ball.

If you look through an organization, chances are that out of 10 hiring managers you’ll have 2 that are excellent at hiring and building great teams, 6 that are OK, and 2 that struggle. That’s the bell distribution curve.

Yet most organisation’s pay lip service to bringing in a ‘batting/hiring’ coach to help their leaders do a better job. Since hiring decisions (like choosing a life mate) is very personal, it goes to your ability to ‘read’ people. This is very subjective and extremely sensitive. That’s why you almost always hear that it’s the candidate’s fault. Well, it’s not and here’s why.

Once you can separate your personal attachment to your challenged process (or batting failures) then you’re well on your way to improving your batting average. To build the team that will take your start up to the next level and beyond, you need a specialised coach who can show you how to work on strategy and technique in equal measure.

Do yourself a favour and find a coach that you trust. Since striking out in the hiring process has such a huge impact on your business, taking some expert advice will stand you in good stead.